Here's What We Do Better



You are 100% guaranteed to get a 10,000% return on your investment through the 100X investment bank platform. For example:
  1. Keon Everett made a 10,000% return on investment (100-times his money) when he turned a $1 million investment into a $100 million profit in less than 30 days.
  2. Kyran Milner invested $10 million in the 100X investment bank platform and made $1 billion for his company.
  3. Edan Jensen made a $4 billion profit within 360 days by investing in the 100X investment bank platform.
  4. Andre Baird multiplied his investment by 100X and received $950M in income within 90 days.
  5. Harlan Grant increased his revenue by 100X and received $750M in income within 30 days.
  6. Kallum Sutton turned a 12-month income goal into $600M in income with a $6M investment.
  7. Allen Vang multiplied his revenue by 100X and received $300M in investment income within 90 days. 
  8. Jedd Vaughn multiplied his business by 100X and received $640M in income within 30 days.


MULTIPLY YOUR REVENUE BY 100X within 24 hours!

  1. Nealson Wollaston-joury multiplied his revenue by 100X and received $1.2B in income within 24 hours via this platform.
  2. Lewes Hendon multiplied his revenue by 100X and received $750M in income within 24 hours.
  3. Brock Kosslyn multiplied his business revenue by 100X and received $640M in income within 24 hours.
  4. Viaan Cowan multiplied his revenue by 100X and received $83M in income within 24 hours.
  5. Luka Roberts multiplied his revenue by 100X and received $700M in investment income within 90 days.
  6. Skye Whitworth multiplied his business by 100X and received $250M in income within 30 days.


INCREASE REVENUE BY 10,000% within 24 hours!

  1. A Futures Trading company multiplied revenue by 100X and received $1.2B in income within 24 hours.
  2. An Electronic Manufacturer multiplied his revenue by 100X and received $750M in income within 24 hours.
  3. A General Contractor multiplied his business revenue by 100X and received $640M in income within 24 hours.
  4. A global automotive supplier increased sales revenue by 1,750% within 24 hours via WTE.
  5. A leading manufacturer of shelving units increased sales revenue by 2,100% within 24 hours.



  1. Art Reheem turned a 12-month income goal into $53M in income, within 24 hours via this platform.
  2. Antonin Rowe turned a 12-month income goal into $122M in income, within 24 hours via this platform.
  3. Nathanil Wang turned a 12-month income goal into $27M in income, within 24 hours via this platform.
  4. Sydney Chevallier turned a 12-month income goal into $360M in income, within 24 hours.
  5. Torry Mcelwee turned a 12-month income goal into $240M in income, within 24 hours.
  6. Charles Rogantin turned a 12-month income goal into $93M in income, within 24 hours.
  7. Luca Sheridan turned a 12-month income goal into $900M in income with a $9M investment.



  1. A multinational energy corporation used the platform to forecast and generated $2.85 billion within 24 hours.
  2. A steel manufacturing company used the platform to forecast $479 million in revenue and generated $479 million within 24 hours.
  3. An industrial product manufacturer increased sales revenue by 2,850% within 24 hours.
  4. Roderigo Digel turned a 12-month income goal into $960M in income, within 24 hours of signing up for this program.
  5. Dame Oden turned a 12-month income goal into $80M in income, within 24 hours of signing up for this program.
  6. Gino Colombo turned a 12-month income goal into $720M in income, within 24 hours of signing up for this program.
  7. Jefferey Callanan turned a 12-month income goal into $60M in income, within 24 hours of signing up for this program.
  8. Micah Whitbeck turned a 12-month income goal into $97M in income, within 24 hours of signing up for this program.


get 100x results!

Through the 100X investment bank platform, you can achieve results similar to these success stories:

  1. Lewes Hendon increased his revenue by 100X and received $750M in income within 30 days.
  2. Brock Kosslyn multiplied his business revenue by 100X and received $640M in income within 30 days.
  3. Saundra Toedtling turned a 12-month income goal into $600M in income.
  4. Colan Wallace-brown multiplied his sales revenue by 100X and received $100M in income within 30 days.
  5. Taddeo Hatano-cohen multiplied his sales by 100X and received $320M in income within 30 days.
  6. Deck Lisbon multiplied his income by 100X and received $550M in income within 30 days.
  7. Lenci Leakey multiplied his sales by 100X and received $600M in income within 30 days.
  8. Vinson Costantini multiplied his business by 100X and received $640M in income within 30 days.

100X investment bank PLATFORM

makes you a bank owner!

as A BANK OWNER, you can:

  1. Make a 10,000% return on investment, 100-fold return on investment, 100X or 100 times your money within 90 days.
  2. Help other investors make a 10,000% return on investment, 100-fold return on investment, 100X or 100 times their money within 90 days.
  3. Grant your businesses $10M to $100B credit that you don’t have to pay back… No credit limit. No interest expenses. No credit check. No onerous credit approvals. No loan or processing fees. No debts. No loan repayment. 
  4. Make millions of dollars in income monthly by providing $10M to $100B in business credit to other companies.
  5. Generate instant cash flow and profits from thin air using other people’s money.
  6. Command instant credibility, respect, and power everywhere you go.
  7. Be perceived as a solid business partner and a valuable connection.
  8. Wield influence and leverage to open many doors for you and other people.
The financial benefits, power, influence, and wealth you’d gain through your own DC bank are limited only by your imagination. 
53 things you can do

The 100X Investment bank platform will enable you to:

  1. Make a 10,000% return on investment, 100-fold return on investment, 100X or 100 times your money within 90 days.
  2. Help other investors make a 10,000% return on investment, 100-fold return on investment, 100X or 100 times their money within 90 days.
  3. Create any amount of “money” or “currency” out of thin air, legally, in 60 seconds or less!
  4. Multiply income by 100X within 30 days with a single click!
  5. Secure any amount of interest-free financing (from $1,000,000 to $100 billion)!
  6. Write unlimited credit line and purchasing power (debt-free)
  7. Obtain loans and mortgages at 0% interest and flexible terms.
  8. Raise any amount of capital in 60 seconds to finance investments!
  9. Create, securely store, send and transact real-world financial assets.
  10. Issue payment instruments like Visa and MasterCard cards.
  11. Provide interest-free credit and financial services to companies at zero cost!
  12. Convert trade credit to cash. Convert cash to trade credit.
  13. Move money and assets around the world with ease and maximum privacy.
  14. Make real-time, cost-effective, and cross-border payments.
  15. Facilitate international trade and payments between different companies.
  16. Operate an international payment platform for member businesses.
  17. Perform financial operations that are usually reserved for banks.
  18. Move value between parties under predetermined conditions. These payments can be auto-enabled and controlled based on supply chain workflows and pre-programmed triggers.
  19. Enable a next-generation rewards platform for issuing loyalty rewards as a digital currency.
  20. Enable customers to buy, sell, trade points, be notified of new deals, or exchange rewards for cash or goods at participating retailers.

The 100X Investment bank platform will enable you to:

21. Acquire companies, properties, real estate, products, services, and other assets with no money down.
22. Invest in new businesses and projects without the need for cash.
23. Acquire and operate any manufacturing firm’s operation without cash!
24. Advertise in various media without spending cash.
25. Pay off any amount of debts they owe without cash.
26. Get a discount of up to 90% on virtually every product or service they buy!
27. Reduce expenses by 90% without reducing expenditure items.
28. Recoup all the debt owed to their organization!
29. Repatriate blocked funds within 24 hours at zero cost!
30. Eliminate payment risks with real-time payment.
31. Recover non-performing assets at total book value within 24 hours!
32. Turn around a failing company within 24 hours!
33. Legally reduce the tax liability of any company!
34. Extend their marketing or retail reach without the cash outlay.
35. Increase their company revenue and profits by 10,000%!
36. Sell all their products, services, businesses, and properties within 24 hours.
37. Dispose of 12 months projected inventory, excess capacity, slow-moving or surplus products within 24 hours.
38. Achieve a 12-month sales forecast within 24 hours.
39. Convert receivables into total cash value within 24 hours!
40. Recoup bad loans and convert distressed assets into immediate cash or liquid assets within 24 hours.
The 100X Investment bank platform will enable you to:
41. Operate your bank’s money market or regular mutual fund — or act as an agent for existing international funds.
42. Engage in investment arbitrage activities involving currency exchange, treasury securities, or other investment vehicles.
43. Invest in any person or corporation’s businesses, assets, and liabilities.
44. Enter into investments and other commercial arrangements with any government authority or person and obtain or enter into charters, contracts, rights, privileges, licenses, franchises, permits, and concessions for any purpose.
45. Invest in and sell all types of commercial paper, invoices, notes, receivables, businesses, assets, and liabilities of any person or corporation.
46. Engage in currency-exchange investment activities while enjoying the hidden advantages banks have over individuals.
47. Control and dictate what your bank does and says about you! 
48. Perform countless investment and financial operations, usually reserved for the major banks. 
49. Invest in, hold or sell shares, stocks, options, debentures, bonds, commodities, futures, notes, obligations, securities, and properties in any part of the world.
50. Act as an investment company and provide offshore investment services.
51. Raise investment funds from private or institutional financiers, banks, and other entities by the issue of debentures, bonds, mortgages, commercial instruments, securities, and credit acknowledgments. 
52. Act as an Investment Advisor and receive royalties/commissions from purchasing, constructing, owning, operating, manage and administering all kinds of investments.
53. Enjoy all the power, clout, and prestige of a bank.


When you own a 100X investment bank platform, you can create high-yield investments that can generate a 10,000% return on investment— at will, for yourself or your clients.  You can, quite literally, write your checks to unlimited and dizzying levels.

The 100X investment bank platform offers you the profit — and money-making “vehicle” — that can finally take you to stratospheric investment income heights. You can use it to increase your income by 100X within 24 hours and put bundles of windfall cash into your bank account whenever you want!



  1. Jennifer went from a boring corporate job to $13M in income per month.
  2. Meet Jessica: A wife and mother of 5 earned $7.5 million in commissions in one month!
  3. Baldwin has $950 Million in deals and $950,000 in commission made on one deal just after eight days since his business was set up.
  4. Boris has recently worked on a $600 million funding deal, that in return, has helped him bring in $12 million in income.
  5. Randy now makes an average of $17 million per month.
  6. Damian made $9.5M within six weeks of starting his business.
  7. Katherine now makes $17M per month in her Credit business.
  8. Robert now makes $12.4 million per month in his Credit business.
  9. Jeffrey now makes $8.5 million per month via his Credit business.
  10. Jackson made close to $50,000,000 and has only been doing this for seven months.
  11. Brian started this business without any previous experience in the finance industry. Now, he makes over $1 Million a week in commissions.
  12. In less than a month, Johnson has $100 million in deals and earned $2.5 million in commissions.
  • 13. Peter and Janet earned $20 million via 50 deals and $2 billion of transactions already closed!
  • 14. Theodore Powell has $750 Million in deals and $750,000 in commission made eight days after his business was set up.
  • 15. Luis Allen has $100 Million in deals and earned $3.5 Million in commissions in less than a month.
  • 16. Merlyn Moore made over $70.5 million within a couple of months from this business opportunity.
  • 17. Nigel Smith has a $600 million financing deal, which has helped him get $12 million in compensation.
  • 18. Ian Ross delivered $15M in only a solitary month of starting this business.
  • 19. Ryleigh Morgan went from an exhausting corporate activity to $12.5M every month.
  • 20. Arlie Lopez now makes $17M consistently in her Credit business.
  • 21. Ariel Parker, as of now, makes $12.4 million consistently in his Credit business.
  • 22. Sean Anderson created $2,575,000 within 24 hours of starting his business.
  • 23. Danica Walker now makes $8.5 million consistently by methods for his Credit business.
  • 24. Heinrich Lee produced $15M in just a single month of beginning this business.
  1. Any investor who wishes to control, protect, and guarantee their investments and make a 10,000% return on investment.
  2. Anyone planning to own a bank or financial institution…
  3. Challenger banks: New banking or financial ventures can be built from scratch without existing system infrastructure.
  4. Banks in transformation: Existing banks aim to decrease legacy systems and transform to increase agility.
  5. Banks expanding to other countries: Traditional banks currently operating and planning to expand internationally, independent of existing operations.
  6. Anyone wishing to issue travelers’ checks, bonds, debentures, securities, letters of credit, stocks, commercial paper, and similar negotiable instruments.
  7. Factoring agencies and companies.
  8. People who want anonymity and direct access to SWIFT and alternate global payment systems unavailable to individuals.
  9. Companies that regularly need and use performance bonds and bank guarantees in their business transactions.
  10. Consumer credit companies large & small.
  11. Wire transfer and payment services companies
12. Venture capitalists.
13. Stock brokerage firms and Independent Stockbrokers.
14. Companies needing re-invoicing.
15. Market Experts & Financial Consultants wishing to bolster their image and credibility by being principled advisors to a bank or specialist bank.
16. Anyone who needs to place their assets in trust and retain complete control.
17. People wanting the ultimate in financial anonymity and privacy
Forex kiosks and bureaus.
18. People who want to issue MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, and other cards as a business.
19. Importers/exporters wishing to deal and issue their letters of credit Stockbrokerage firms & independent stockbrokers.
20. Individuals wanting to loan money to family or friends and wishing to keep it impersonal and confidential.
21. Loan brokers who wish to keep profits offshore by charging points, commissions, etc., on loans. 
22. Fiduciaries and trustees.
23. Pawnbrokers.
24. Insurance companies.
25. Debt collection agencies.
26. Accounting & Auditing Firms.
27. Dealers in precious metals and gems.
28. Financial advisors.
29. Fund Administrators.
30. Escrow agents.
31. Financial intermediaries.
32. Investment clubs.
33. Bail bond companies.
34. Land title insurance companies.
35. Businesses that want to sell on credit.
36. Shipping companies.
37. Casinos and online casinos.
38. Trustees.


YOUR INVESTMENT is 100% protected!

Most investments involve risks and yield very little return on investment over a long period. For one thing, you have to invest with no guarantee of returns and no protection of your investment capital.


Plus, there’s the challenge of economic downturns, government actions, or unforeseen events over which you have no control, which can negatively affect your investment returns or cause you to lose everything.


As a result, investing has always been fraught with the risk of getting little or no returns, underperformance, failure, and losses.


Fortunately, the 100X investment bank platform provides an opportunity to make a 10,000% return on investment within 360 days without risks. Additionally, all your investments on the 100X investment bank platform are protected by the investment protection program against underperformance, risks, failure, losses, and unforeseen events. 


If your investment underperforms, gives no ROI, sustains any losses, declines in value, or fails for any reason, IPP guarantees that you will get financial compensation of 100% of your initial investment capital.


Additionally, you will still get financial compensation for your projected profit or ROI.


For example, if you invested $1M with a projected 10,000% ROI to give you $100M, but the investment underperforms with a $30M yield, you will still receive $100 million in net profit plus the initial $1M capital because your investments are protected, and the projected ROI is 100% guaranteed.



If you’ve lost money, failed to achieve your goal, gotten disappointing returns from other investment opportunities in the past….…it is NOT your fault!
That is because all other investment opportunities are based on the other companies’ platforms and factors over which you have no control. You cannot guarantee the investment results of the platform you do not own or control. This investment opportunity is better than other investments you’ve tried in the past because you will literally own and control the 100X investment bank platform on which your investments are made. Also, it includes an investment protection program. Therefore, you can control, protect, and guarantee your investments, and make a 100X return on investment in all your investments. 



The investment amount, interest rate, return on investment, and payback time frame is guaranteed in advance in the investment offers, allowing you to know exactly how much you will earn back and when you will receive your earnings before even investing. You can accurately predict when you expect to be paid in the future and how much you can expect to net. Imagine a future where you take three months off to travel with your family, and you come home to a 100X income in your investment account than when you left.
No speculation. No gambling with your money. No guesswork. No uncertainties. No risks.  The 100X investment bank platform will enable you to make predictable investments that offer a guaranteed ROI.



No previous banking or investment experience, no qualifications, no prior knowledge or technical skills are required to invest in this opportunity. Once you complete your investment application and make your payment, WTE will set up your 100X investment bank platform and handle everything else on your behalf. You can relax while your 100X investment platform generates a 10,000% return on investment for you.
the world’s most advanced and robust banking platform. 

Here's What We Do Better


At the core of the “digital bank,” you will find the most advanced and robust banking platform, which was designed to be the most user-friendly out-of-the-box online banking platform in the world – not only for the end-users but also for you, the bank administrator.
The platform is 100% web-based and encrypted using bank-grade SSL encryption.
The platform allows users to perform instantaneous transfers of funds between accounts or to other users, as well as by wire transfer to any other bank in the world and many other banking functions, unlike any other out-of-the-box banking systems available on the market.
This bank platform operates successfully and is currently used globally in 1,000+ banks and financial institutions.



  1. Personal Banking
  2. Business Banking
  3. Corporate Banking
  4. Private Banking
  5. Investment Banking
  6. International banking and other financial services

Issuance of payment instruments

  1. Issuance of (Visa and Master Card) Credit and Debit cards
  2. Issuance of prepaid cards.
  3. Issuance of virtual cards.
  4. Issuance of own (local) cards
  5. Issuance of virtual currencies

Money transfers

  1. Bank wire
  2. Money Transfer systems
  3. Internal money transfer
  4. External transfer via a money remittance provider
  5. E-currency transfers
  6. Transfer between accounts and to cards

Mobile and internet payments

  1. Internet banking
  2. Mobile banking
  3. SMS banking
  4. Virtual currency banking


  1. E-currency payments
  2. Payments for services (mobile, internet, utility, TV,etc)
  3. Internal payments
  4. Transfer between accounts
  5. Standing orders
  6. Payments for online purchases

Acceptance of payment instruments

  1. Acceptance of credit cards (acquiring)
  2. Acceptance of prepaid cards
  3. Acceptance of e-cheques
  4. Acceptance of virtual currencies

LENDING and credits

Currency exchange





This module provides the following functionality:

  1. Deposit Taking and Lending
  2. Offering of Securities
  3. Issuing of Bank Guarantees
  4. Credit and Debit Card Issuing Services
  5. Borrowing or raising funds from financiers, banks, and other entities by the issue of debentures, bonds, mortgages, commercial instruments, securities, and credit acknowledgments.
  6. Buying the assets and liabilities of any person or corporation.
  7. Issuance of VISA, MasterCard credit, and debit cards.
  8. Providing offshore insurance services.
  9. Credit Card Payment Processing Services.
  10. Operating your bank’s money market or regular mutual fund — or acting as an agent for existing international funds.
  11. Merchant Accounts.
  12. Private Banking.
  13. Offshore Brokerage
    Providing credit and financial services to any person or corporate entity.
  14. Issuing letters of credit, guarantees, performance bonds, stocks, bonds, debentures, derivatives, SKR’s, etc.
  15. Buying and selling any business’s invoices, notes, and receivables (also known commercially as “factoring”).
  16. Wealth & Asset Management.
  17. Forex Trading.
  18. Multi-currency Accounts.
  19. Checking Accounts.
  20. Issuing various types of CDs to tap into flight-capital markets.
  21. Marketing wholesale banking services, such as access to ATM networks and credit-card systems.



This module features the following business models:

  1. Commercial Bank.
  2. Investment Bank.
  3. Hard Money Lender.
  4. Mortgage Banking Firm.
  5. Hedge Fund.
  6. Mutual Fund.
  7. Financial Holding Company.
  8. Title Loan Company.
  9. Fundraising Company.
  10. Insurance Premium Finance Service.
  11. Mortgage Brokerage Firm.
  12. Venture Capital Firm.
  13. Cash Flow Note Buyer.
  14. Factoring Company.
  15. Gold Trading Company.
  16. Loan Brokerage.
  17. Commodities Trading Firm.
  18. Private Equity Firm.
  19. Credit Monitoring Service.
  20. Check Cashing – Payday Lender.
  21. Private Placement Broker.
  22. Structured Settlement Buyer.
  23. Credit Repair Service.
  24. Payday Lender.



This module features the following:

  1. Loan, Deposit & Interest Management.
  2. Transaction Monitoring Systems (TMS).
  3. Credit Management System.
  4. Accounting software.
  5. Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR) Systems.
  6. Net-Banking.
  7. E-wallet Software.
  8. Mobile Banking App.
  9. Bank Virtual POS Gateway.
  10. Online Financial Trading Platform.
  11. Mobile Card Selling Platform.
  12. Employee Management System – HRM.
  13. International Payment Service Platform.
  14. Virtual Bank Account Platform.
  15. KYC compliance software.
  16. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Program.
  17. Customer Identity Management.
  18. Compliance Management Software.
  19. Biometric Payroll Management.
  20. Online Banking Software.
  21. Savings System.
  22. CRM for Client Management.
  23. Marketing Automation Software.
  24. Artificial Intelligence Robot Assistants.
  25. Enterprise resource planning (ERP).
  26. Money Transfer Platform.
  27. Automated Bank Advisor.
  28. Banclear
BANKING module

System Core

  1. Multi-currency Accounting
  2. User-defined multi-entity chart of accounts
  3. Multi-currency general ledger
  4. Account classifications
  5. System Administration
  6. System setup
  7. Workflow Setup
  8. Transaction processing rules
  9. Product definition and life cycles
  10. Payment and Transfer Processing
  11. Profitability reports (by customer/account group/product)
  12. Consolidated report generator
  13. Inter-account transfers
  14. Incoming transfers
  15. Outgoing transfers
  16. Standing orders
  17. Cashier operations
  18. Comprehensive Reporting
  19. Balance sheet
  20. Foreign Exchange
  21. Directory of currencies
  22. Currency transactions processing
  23. Accepted cheques
  24. Cheques drawn on the bank of origin
  25. Cheque Management
  26. Rules for interest-bearing accounts

System Core

27. Account numbers (custom or standard, e.g., IBAN)
28. Custom conditions for fee applicability
29. Savings accounts
30. System accounts (debit, credit, etc.)
31. Group credit limit
32. Individual credit limit
33. Credit limit change
34. Credit overview and search
35. Demurrage fees
36. Interest fees
37. Scheduled or Transaction fees
38. Minimum payment amount per payment
39. Maximum payment amount per payment, per day, per week, and month
40. Maximum number of payments, per day, per week, and month
41. Restrict destination of payments
42. Access rules per payment types
44. Transfer filters per account type
45. Transfer status flows
46. Unique transaction ID per transaction
47. Unique payment settings per channel (SMS, etc.)
48. Risk management
This module provides the following functionality:
  1. Applying for an account online
  2. Secure customer login
  3. Checking balances and statements
  4. Checking transaction history
  5. Inter-account transfers
  6. Payment orders
  7. Currency exchange
  8. Standing order setup
  9. Time deposit placement
  10. Online loan application
  11. Internal messaging
  12. Online password change
  13. Digital signature
  14. Payment passwords
  15. Customer verification codes (security codes)
  16. Online source of funds declaration


  1. Register new user by SMS
  2. Retrieve account information
  3. Retrieve payment details
  4. Activate phone via SMS (confirmation code)
  5. Receive notifications by SMS
  6. Make payment
  7. Make inter-account transfers
  8. Create outgoing payments using templates
  9. Make QR code payments
  10. Pay bills
  11. Make internal or external transfers
  12. Receive account statements on a mobile device



The module is responsible for:
  1. The processing of payments and statements received from correspondent banks in various formats, e.g. SWIFT, SEPA, etc;
  2. Unidentified payments processing
  3. Payments reconciliation
  4. Incoming/outgoing messaging system
  5. Deposit types (product) definition
  6. Interest calculation rules
  7. Payment method setup
  8. Deposit contract register
  9. Deposit tracking
  10. Maturity processing and closure


This module provides the following functionality:

  1. User-to-user payments
  2. Internal payment (between own accounts)
  3. System-to-user payments
  4. User to system payments
  5. Pay external (non-registered) users using their mobile number or email address
  6. Scheduled payments (installments)
  7. Recurring payments
  8. Invoice payments
  9. Bulk payments
  10. Webshop payments
  11. Cash-in cash-out payments
  12. PIN-less payments (optional thresholds, e.g. max payment amount and daily limit)
  13. Payment requests
  14. Virtual currency payments
  15. Crypto currency payments
  16. Bitcoin currency payments
  17. Payment requests
  18. Custom payment fields
  19. Multi level transaction approval (authorizations)
  20. Pay to QR code
  21. Pay to NFC card
  22. Pay to custom card
  23. Applying for a payment card online
  24. Card management (activation, blocking, changing limits, etc.)
  25. Checking card account statements
  26. Checking card transaction history
  27. Gateways to card issuers/processors


  1. Internet banking: Make payments, browse your account history, or find products online.
  2. SMS: Do payments by sending SMS keywords or other custom commands.
  3. IVR: do payments, and get account and payment information by calling a number.
  4. NFC-card: Pay by holding an NFC card to an android device for quick and secure payments.



This module provides a gateway to the following money transfer systems:

  1. SWIFT
  2. Money Gram
  3. Blizko
  4. Contact
  5. Anelik
  6. Unistream
  7. Coinstar
  8. Leader
  9. Industrial and commercial bank of China
  10. American Express
  11. Instant money transfers from the account
  12. 20+ Automated Deposit Method.
This module provides the following functionality:


  1. Loan types (product) and term
    Interest rate
  2. Loan origination, tracking, and charges


  1. Borrower’s profile
  2. Next of kin details
  3. Business Information
  4. Loan repayment schedule


  1. Borrower numbers
  2. Loan portfolio
  3. Arrears reports
  4. Expected vs. actual payments


  1. Loan disbursements
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Trial balance
  4. Profit and loss accounts


  1. Live Amortization
  2. Verification Tools
  3. Storage
  4. Advanced Queries


  1. Cash
  2. Card
  3. E-Check
  4. NACHA File Generation


  1. Automatic Mailing Service
  2. Customizable Website
  3. E-mail
  4. SMS or Automated Phone Calls


  1. Online Access
  2. User Accounts
  3. API
  4. Platform


  1. Android app
  2. OS app
  3. Build in PhoneGap
  4. Source code for large licenses on request
  5. Make payment
  6. View account balance, credit limits
  7. View account history
  8. Make payment (to the user, to the system)
  9. Search users
  10. Register user
  11. Register user as a shop (other users)
  12. Add user to contact list
  13. Customisable layout
  14. Customisable entry page / logo
  15. Add menu items
  16. Add custom pages in app


  1. Android app
  2. Receive payment
  3. Make payment to customers (cash-out)
  4. Print daily transaction list (POS owner)
  5. Receive notifications by SMS
  6. Multiple user identifiers (QR/barcode, userID, NFC card, or phone)
  7. Export tokens as CSV file
  8. NFC card will start up the app in POS mode and open receive payment page with the user identified by the NFC card
  9. Format NFC card
  10. Assign NFC card to customer
  11. Batch NFC cards creation
  12. Interface for integration with the third party
  13. POS or ATM networks

Payment Cards Module

this module provides the following functionality:
  1. Applying for a payment card online;
  2. Issuance of credit and debit cards (Visa and Master Card)
  3. Issuance of virtual cards.
  4. Issuance of own (local) cards
  5. Card management (activation, blocking, changing limits, etc.);
  6. Checking card account statements;
  7. Checking card transaction history;
  8. Gateways to card issuers/processors
  9. 20+ deposit Methods.
  10. Card Showcase, One-click card Purchase.
  11. Email/SMS Notification & Verification.
  12. And more…
Deposit Module
this module provides the following functionality:
  1. Deposit types (product) definition;
  2. Interest calculation rules and payment method setup;
  3. Deposit contract register;
  4. Deposit tracking;
  5. Maturity processing and closure
  6. Deposit Management.
  7. Deposit Methods Management.
  8. And More…
banking MODULE
this module provides the following functionality:
  1. Create digital currency within 60 seconds with one click.
  2. Create money, unlimited purchasing power, credit line, and business credit within 60 seconds whenever you need it, as much as you need it, and as often as you need it. In other words, you can create $1 million, $100 million, $1 billion, $10 billion, or more of your own money out of thin air within 60 seconds to make purchases or investments globally.
  3. Currency Exchange Facility – to convert digital currency to cash
  4. Manage Currency
  5. Support 18+ Global Automated payment Gateway (100+ Currency Support)
  6. 20+ Payment methods to receive payment.
  7. Withdrawal Management
  8. Deposit Management
  9. Built-in invoice and voucher system
  10. Support Multi-Currency.
  11. Request Money Feature.
  12. E-wallet and online payment gateway system
  13. Online Click Invoice Create & Payment Facility.
  14. Support Master / Visa / Amex & Discover.
  15. Currency Buy Sell Exchange
  16. Unlimited Manual Withdrawal Methods
this module provides the following functionality:
  1. Create Escrow.
  2. Escrow Management.
  3. 20+ Payment methods to receive payment.
  4. Unlimited Manual Deposit Methods.
  5. Unlimited Manual Withdrawal Methods
  6. Currency Exchange
  7. Multy Currency Wallets
  8. Money Transfers
  9. KYC Ready ( Client Document Verification)
  10. Fund User’s Wallet from the admin dashboard
  11. Ability to freeze users’ balance while processing
  12. Withdrawal Requests.
  13. Deposit Management.
  14. Deposit Methods Management.
  15. Withdrawal Management.
  16. Withdraw Methods Management.
  17. 2FA security.
  18. And More…
100X ROI 
this module provides the following functionality:
  1. Make a 10,000% return on investment, 100-fold return on investment, 100X or 100 times your money within 90 days.
  2. Help other investors make a 10,000% return on investment, 100-fold return on investment, 100X or 100 times their money within 90 days.
  3. Create 100X ROI Investment opportunities with a single click
  4. Create unlimited investment packages/plans/opportunities based on your business plan.
  5. Trading and investment management system
  6. Investment Plan/Package Management
  7. Daily, Weekly and Monthly Investment Plans
  8. Automated earnings based on the investment plan’s period.
  9. The automated bot investment system
  10. Manually deposit money and make direct investment
  11. Manage unlimited users and investments
  12. Unlimited withdrawal and deposit methods
  13. Make real-time investments whenever and wherever you like.
  14. Manually review payouts and approve payments.
  15. Complete control over the investment platform
  16. Money Transfer, Request for Money Transfer, Send Request money, 2FA, etc.


  1. Multi-Strategy Trading
  2. Multi-Symbol Trading
  3. Multi-Interval Trading
  4. Multi-Asset Trading: Trade multiple asset classes at the same time.
  5. Performance Monitoring via streaming charts, order tables, position tables and real time performance metrics, among others


  1. High frequency data acquisition and management,
  2. Algorithmic trading system development for equities, futures, options, bonds, crypto, OTC and other tradable assets
  3. Execution Management System (EMS)
  4. Big data analytics and mining including analysis of data


  1. Advanced market making and hedging systems
  2. Smart order routing for optimal execution to split orders between multiple venues
  3. Auto trading system strategy design using A.I. for high frequency
  4. HFT with latency as low as 20 nanoseconds

HFT, DMA, Quant Systems

  1. Equities, futures, forex, OTC, crypto-currency matching engines
  2. Direct connections to all major exchanges including CME, NASDAQ
  3. Web Socket data broadcasting for mobile and web apps
  4. Plug-and-play trade clearing and settlement systems
  5. Equity/cash market systems


  1. Black list management, e.g., OFAC, UK Black list, etc.
  2. Client profile setup by function and client category;
  3. Suspicious transaction identification rules setup
  4. Meet compliance requirements, mitigate fraud risks, and increase trust and safety online.
  5. Document validity checks
  6. Red flag facility
  7. High-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions list management
  8. Dormant account monitoring
  9. Suspicious transaction logging
  10. Client’s limit rules setup
  11. Risk category management
  12. Limit change subject to risk category
  13. Verify over 5 billion customers in real-time through 1 API
  14. Search and verify over 250 million businesses in real-time
  15. Secure business intelligence for entities of all sizes in 80+ countries
  16. Get real-time access to company filings from official registers
  17. Perform enhanced due diligence procedures.
  18. Uncover ownership structures, and Ultimate Beneficial Owners
  19. Run AML checks on business entities and UBOs
  20. Automate back office and compliance process.


  1. Registration and verification of a customer’s credit card
  2. Processing (receiving) payments by credit card
  3. Integration with an external acquirer
  4. Services enabling cash to be placed on a payment account
  5. Services enabling cash withdrawals from a payment account
  6. Execution of payment transactions where the funds are covered by a credit line
  7. Execution of direct debits
  8. Execution of payment transactions through a payment card or similar device
  9. Execution of credit transfers, including standing orders
    Issuing and/or acquiring payment instruments
  10. International money remittance services
  11. Reliable framework to support the provision of payment services


  1. Ability to set the system configurations
  2. Edit site options: admin user/pass, email, site title, and meta tags
  3. Ability to set date/time format
  4. Edit currency type (USD, pounds, yens, etc..) and set currency precision
  5. Enable/disable Signup bonus
  6. Set fees and charges
  7. View signup statistics
  8. View commission statistics
  9. View refund statistics
  10. View/Edit/Create categories
  11. View/Edit/Create shop listings
  12. Create Multiple Offices
  13. Configure payment gateways
  14. Affiliate program settings and referral payouts: Supports unlimited affiliate levels.
  15. Email Templates Manager – manage email templates
  16. Language Manager – Add/edit/delete language
  17. Admin can create/edit/delete FAQ categories
  18. Ability to manage FAQ entries
  19. Admin has the ability to credit funds into the admin account balance
  20. Admin has the ability to credit funds into the user’s account balance
  21. Document Management


22. Member Manager
23. Add new members
24. Search members by username, first/last name, and email
25. Ability to view/edit/suspend/delete/close members
26. Built-in “Who Is Online” module so that admin can view members that are currently online.
27. Admin can manually verify or activate members
28. Ability to send single payments to members
29. Ability to perform mass payments to many members at the same time
30. Admin can mass mail all members (All, Active or Suspended)
31. Admin can view member’s IP history for possible fraud activities
32. Admin can view/edit member’s account information and account transactions/deposits/withdrawals
33. Account Summary – view the account summary for the day, current month, and year
34. View transaction statistics (pending, completed, canceled, and refund), and admin can sort by date, amount, type, status, sender, and receiver
35. View deposit/withdrawal transactions
36. View escrow transactions
37. Manage the platform


  1. Create multiple networks (a network can behave as if it is an independent installation of WTEP)
  2. Create a local account, system, and (multi) network administrators
  3. Define URLs (domain name) for networks
  4. Set group(set) visibility
  5. Localisation (language, formatting, timezone) per group(set)
  6. Customize session timeout per group
  7. Set permissions through products
  8. Assign multiple products to groups
  9. Customized filters for users and advertisements searches
  10. Fully indexed searches
  11. Create new access channels
  12. Define generated login name
  13. Create custom features (scripting module)
  14. Create & manage document categories
  15. Import users from file
  16. Create new credential (password) type


  1. Create operator groups (by user type)
  2. Define permissions for individual operators or operator groups
  3. Operators overview
  4. Show transactions per operator
  5. Disconnect operator
  6. Multiple broker per user
  7. Set main broker
  8. Register new users
  9. Manage user data
  10. Print & export users
  11. Perform operations as user
  12. Define broker permissions
  13. Send mailing to ‘my users
  14. View connected users
  15. Receive notifications about users
  16. Manage passwords of user


  1. Registration form
  2. Profile completion progress bar
  3. Update Profile
  4. User-defined language
  5. User directory search
  6. Buy and sell products and services
  7. Edit account profile
  8. Edit account password
  9. Add/Edit/Delete credit cards
  10. Add/Edit/Delete bank accounts
  11. Search users by distance
  12. Search users by group
  13. Sell products – enter the product name, description, price, tax, shipping, return URL, cancel URL and Notify URL for each product
  14. Ability to edit/delete products
  15. Verify phone for SMS banking
  16. Deposit funds
  17. Withdraw funds
  18. Send payment to another member
  19. Perform mass payment
  20. Request payment
  21. Ability to search for shop listings by keywords


  1. Register users
  2. Remove user
  3. Block/unblock user
  4. Disable/enable user
  5. Upload documents
  6. Show agents/brokers
  7. Manage Users, Features & Payments
  8. Give individual permissions (product)
  9. Perform actions on behalf of user
  10. Activate ‘pending’ users (public registration)
  11. Send a message to user
  12. Send a message to group
  13. Email Newsletter
  14. View connected users (per user role)
  15. Show member activities
  16. Filter by branch region
  17. CRM features (user records)
  18. Manage documents
  19. Show users of agent/broker
  20. Create Virtual Currency
  21. User comments, history search
  22. Define registration agreement
  23. View user agreement history
  24. View profile changes history
  25. Bulk operations (run on a selection of users)


  1. System messages – Generated when the users request certain transactions, automatically processed and replied to when executed by the administrator. These transactions require individual attention for completion.
  2. User messages – secure messaging within the system. Either manually generated by the users when contacting the administrator or by the administrator himself to create messages to an individual user or a general message to all users.
  3. System Log – serves as a log of all the activities in the system by keeping records of all the changes made by either the users or the administrator.
  4. Profile editor – to create or search-view and/or modify users’ profiles in the system and modify the sub-administrator profiles.
  5. Account manager – to create, search-view, and/or modify accounts to activate, inactivate or block them. Also, to associate optional card accounts to enable users to transfer funds.
  6. Manual transactions – to manually debit or credit any account in required instances. An additional feature is the ability to select the revenue option, which will include the transaction as a generated fee (thus appearing in the administrator Revenues Report).
  7. Revenue manager – to manage the revenues generated either automatically by the system or manually by the administrator.
  8. Reports – Specific User Reports and Global System Reports.
  9. System configuration settings – where the administrator can customize the system and the initial setup of the account types, transfer fees, etc.


  1. Account balances – which shows all accounts with current/available balances, including optional associated debit card accounts. Additionally, the user may view the last transactions of any account for a quick overview.
  2. Messages generated by the system – when any transaction request has been executed (i.e. a requested wire transfer, manual transactions applied to an account or changes in the user profile).
  3. Messages sent by the administrator – contacting the user specifically or a group of users for announcements.
  4. Incoming wire transfers – to transfer funds from an external bank into any account. The system will guide the user to create a print out of a pre-elaborated page with the needed information such as the correspondent bank information and the user’s personal reference account number. This can then be faxed by the user to his bank.
  5. Outgoing wire transfers – to wire transfer funds out of any account. The system will provide an online form with the needed details for the wire transfer to be later executed by the system administrator. Includes the option to select which transfer fee to apply (i.e. standard or express).
  6. In-house transfers – to transfer funds between accounts of the same user or to transfer funds to an account of a different user.
  7. Optional Debit Card funding – this creates a request to the system administrator to execute a debit card funding (only debit card accounts pre-associated to any user). Includes the option to select which transfer fee to apply (i.e. standard or express).
  8. Profile editor – to view/modify the user’s profile and password in the system.
  9. Reports: Specific Account Transactions, All accounts
  10. Executed Transactions, All accounts Balances.
  11. AssistedHelp™ provides on-demand and active on-screen help interfaces to users and administrators. Features such as AssistedHelp™ ensure that users take full advantage of all the system’s advanced functions and minimize the need for them to contact the customer service desk with questions regarding the automated processes intended to be made online operations of the financial entity more efficient.

The banking platform’s comprehensive set of security systems includes:

  1. Banking protection, Ransomware protection, Antivirus, and browsing protection by antivirus software, firewalls, and an intrusion prevention system.
  2. Platform and data centers compliant with PCI-DSS.
  3. Data integrity safeguarded by the daily backup of data and the off-site storage of backed-up data. Additionally, servers are replicated to an off-site data centre.
  4. Business continuity guaranteed via robust disaster recovery plans, which are verified by annual disaster recovery simulations.
  5. Regular server updates ensure any vulnerabilities or exploits are locked down with immediate effect.
  6. Proactive management strategies to ensure high availability and redundant networks.
  7.  ISAE 3402 reports in order to ensure that international standards are adhered to.
  8. SSL Security Oriented (256bit)
  9. The combination of Username and Password is the first layer of security to login
  10. Zend Guard PHP Code Protection
  11. Turing Number / CAPTCHA capable. Enabling a type of challenge-response test used to determine whether the user trying to access the system is human. 
  12. Sensitive information stored in the Database has MD5 encryption. 
  13. The system utilizes a combination of ICSA (International Computer Security Association), and PHPSecurity Consortium® approved security technologies to protect and encrypt the data for the financial entity and the users. 
  14. The encrypted Security Key, acting as a second layer of security, is a secret pin code that the user has to input to be able to execute transactions. This offers validation during the execution of transactions, ensuring the authenticity of everyone.


  1. Automatic Setup & Management
  2. Automated Creation of services is possible as soon as an order is placed, upon receipt of payment, or only after manual review.
  3. Automated Suspension can be performed when accounts become overdue, with auto reactivation as soon as the overdue bills are paid.
  4. Automated Termination can be set to remove user accounts should they become delinquent for a specified time.
  5. Automated Upgrades make it easy for users to upgrade their services with automatic orders.
  6. Automatic Payment Processing


  1. Account management
  2. Contact management
  3. Leads management
  4. KYC management
  5. Mailing list management
  6. Stock management
  7. Integrated fraud checking
  8. Transactions logging
  9. Income forecasts
  10. Departments
  11. Ticket Assignment
  12. Dynamic calendar capabilities
  13. Customer Center
  14. Dynamic reporting


  1. Multiple Currencies allow you to invoice & bill your customers in as many different currencies as you want, all at the same time.
  2. Credits System allows your clients to deposit funds to prefund their accounts with you and automatically keeps track of and applies any overpayments to future invoices.
  3. One Off & Recurring options mean you can perform regular billing, payment plans, and one-off custom invoicing for bespoke services.
  4. Professional Looking Invoices. Send your clients high-quality, professional-looking invoices. PDF versions are attached to every invoice-related email.
  5. Automated reminders about invoices


  1. Announcements is a blog-like news system allowing you to post your latest news & updates on your website.
  2. Support Ticket System for tracking all client communication and allowing multiple staff to view/respond.
  3. Knowledgebase allows you to provide answers to common questions and topics and reduce your support load.
  4. Support Departments allow you to route tickets to the appropriate staff with staff assignments per department.
  5. Downloads System allows you to make files available with support for client-only restricted access and tracking of downloads.


  1. Send rich text messages to users
  2. Send bulk messages (mailings) by admin or agent
  3. Define message categories (per user group)
  4. Forward internal messages to email
  5. Message History (inbox, sent, trash)
  6. Purge messages in the trash after a period (automated task)
  7. User-to-user email messages
  8. Send notifications on errors by email or SMS
  9. Receive notifications on events
  10. The user receives emails after each transaction
  11. The user receives SMS/Mobile alerts after each transaction
  12. The user gets SMS/Mobile alerts when the user asks questions about offers, listing he created
  13. The user gets an email when the user asks a question about the offer, listing he created
  14. The user receives an SMS, Email when a purchase or sale made
  15. The user receives SMS, Email when the order status changes
  16. The user receives an SMS, Email when someone requests a quote or proposal


  1. Create/edit advertisement
  2. Multiple pictures per advertisement
  3. Rich text for advertisement editing
  4. Schedule advertisement
  5. Pay member or non-member
  6. Favourite Offers or Members
  7. Shipping Addresses
  8. Purchase History
  9. Email or Mobile Notifications
  10. Authorize advertisement (admin/broker)
  11. Select address per advertisement
  12. Custom search filters
  13. List new advertisements
  14. Debit an Account
  15. Product and Service Listing
  16. Multiple images for each listing
  17. Featured or New Offers
  18. Sales History
  19. Category browsing
  20. Multiple advertisement categories
  21. Create advertisement categories
  22. Advertisement matching
  23. View and complete sales
  24. Rate other members
  25. Purchase History
  26. Create request/wanted item
  27. Receive money from another member
  28. Contact seller
  29. Advertisement questions / answers
  30. Notification on ad status change
  31. Custom advertisement fields
  32. Upload multiple offers by uploading excel or CSV
  33. Upload company brochure
  34. Shipping Options For Offer
  35. Shipping fees in v-currencies


  1. Data on expenditure
  2. Data on income
  3. Number of logins
  4. Groups/branches numbers of users
  5. Percentage of users not trading
  6. Account information
  7. Advertisements
  8. References
  9. View account summary
  10. View current balance
  11. View charges & fees
  12. View payment history
  13. Print & export payments
  14. Search payments (user, date, description, etc.)
  15. View payment details
  16. Dynamic payment filters


  1. GMV Growth Rate, M-o-M (%) [2]
  2. GMV Growth Rate, Y-o-Y (%) [3]
  3. Take Rate (%)
  4. Revenue ($) [4]
  5. Revenue from transaction fees ($)
  6. Revenue from listing fees ($)
  7. Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) ($) [1]
  8. # of Transactions
  9. Average Order Value (AOV) ($)
  10. Revenue from supplier or seller services ($)
  11. Buyer-to-Seller Ratio [5]
  12. Total CAC as a percentage of Revenue (%) [6]


  1. Total # of Sellers or Suppliers
  2. # of New Sellers or Suppliers
  3. Seller or Supplier Growth Rate, M-o-M (%)
  4. Seller or Supplier Growth Rate, Y-o-Y (%)
  5. Sell-Through Rate (%)
  6. Percentage of Suppliers still active after one month (%)
  7. Percentage of Sellers or Suppliers still active after 1 year (%)
  8. Average revenue generated per Seller or Supplier ($)
  9. Average percentage of Month 1 GMV generated in Month 12
  10. Percentage of revenue generated by Top 20% Sellers or Suppliers (%)
  11. Seller or Supplier NPS
  12. Seller or Supplier CAC (paid and organic) ($) [13]
  13. Seller or Supplier CAC (paid) ($) [14]
  14. Percentage of Sellers or Suppliers acquired through paid acquisition (%)
  15. Total # of Listings [15]
  16. # of New Listings
  17. Listings Growth Rate (%) [16]
  18. Average Listing Price ($)


  1. GMV Growth Rate, M-o-M (%) [2]
  2. GMV Growth Rate, Y-o-Y (%) [3]
  3. Take Rate (%)
  4. Revenue ($) [4]
  5. Revenue from transaction fees ($)
  6. Revenue from listing fees ($)
  7. Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) ($) [1]
  8. # of Transactions
  9. Average Order Value (AOV) ($)
  10. Revenue from supplier or seller services ($)
  11. Buyer-to-Seller Ratio [5]
  12. Total CAC as a percentage of Revenue (%) [6]
  1. FASTEST BANK SETUP: WTE will set up your bank and make it operational within 30 days.
  2. 100% OF THE WORK IS DONE FOR YOU: WTE will appoint a professional bank management team to do 100% of the work needed to set up your bank and manage your bank’s operations and platform on your behalf. No work, effort, or time is required on your part at all. Invest, relax and get your functional bank up and running within 7 to 30 days.
  3. YOU HAVE 100% CONTROL: You will own and control the digital bank platform.
  4. ALL-INCLUSIVE DIGITAL BANKING SOLUTIONS: Our all-inclusive digital banking solution on a unified database and cloud-hosted is built to offer Open Banking & API Infrastructure to use managed services or external partners. A variety of partner integrations are already available. We provide external connectivity to KYC & digital onboarding platforms, payment rails, credit/debit cards, regulatory, risk management, and more. Our exclusive partners are the best in the market and are ready to jump-start your banking business quickly.
  5. 24 BUSINESS MODELS: The most robust, advanced, and only comprehensive banking platform in the world that features 24 different business models of all types of banks and financial institutions.
  6. NO BANKING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED: No banking experience and qualifications are required to own your bank via WTE.
  7. YOU ARE GUARANTEED A 10,000% ROI: You are 100% guaranteed a 10,000% return on your investment through the digital bank platform.
  8. YOUR INVESTMENT IS 100% PROTECTED: If your investment underperforms, gives no ROI, sustains any losses, declines in value, or fails for any reason, IPP guarantees that you will get financial compensation of 100% of your initial investment plus the promised 10,000% ROI.
  9. Highest Bank-grade Security – PCI Compliance and 256Bit SSL.
  10. Worldwide – Multi-Region, Multi-currency & Multilingual.
  11. Best ROI – Most Affordable Solution.
  12. Compliant – Highest KYC banking standards.
  13. Integrations – Banks, Payments, and Cards Platforms.